Cauliflower Maybach Super Extra Early - Plants

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  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • F1 Hybrids are crossed varieties that are exceptionally vigorous and longer lasting

Lovely white curds form on this on this sturdy extra-early variety that shows impressive resistance to pinking. Matures from late May to early June when planted in March from our September-raised plants.

You receive 6 tough and well-established plugs plants at around 15-20cm (6-8in) from root to tip.

Remove plugs from the blister pack which created a greenhouse-like environment for the plants during transit, and outer packaging and water the root balls well.

The root ball should be surrounded by a good network of roots which have been established over winter and so ready to support lots or stems and flower.

Plant directly in soil from March spacing plants 45cm (18in) apart and water well mornings or evenings, or both mornings and evenings during periods of drought.

As with all cauliflowers they grow best in fertlile, firmed soil. Always add lime before planting which reduces the chances of Clubroot.

Six plants will fit comfortably in a 90cm x 90cm (3 x3 ft) area on your vegetable plot.


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Catalogue Number 1080-5406
  • Quantity 6x Cauliflower Plants
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