Cercis siliquastrum - Judas tree

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  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun

Truly a tree for all seasons. This species makes an ideal focal tree for a medium to large garden.

This tree species, otherwise known as the Judas tree, puts out a generous abundance of bright cerise pink blossoms in spring for a dazzling display. Set against a blue sky in spring this tree is unrivalled for flower-power.

In summer lovely heart-shaped leaves appear on delicate branches and long bean-pod-like structures adorn the tree.

Once autumn comes, the leaves give off sunset-shades of red, again giving a dazzling display set against a September sky.

It has a well-structured framework of stems that can be fully appreciated in winter on crisp, bright days.

Rootstock: It's Own

Age of tree at despatch:

Height at full growth: 12m/40ft

Most of our trees are delivered as bare rooted specimens with approximate height of: 3.5ft - 5ft / 105cm - 140cm depending on the variety.

In order to ensure a good pollination pick fruit trees from within the same or from adjacent flowering groups.

The vast majority of the trees we ship have been pruned and will appear trimmed.

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Catalogue Number 1150-1157
  • Quantity 1x 4Ltr potted tree
  • Height Fully Grown: 12m/40ft

Delivery: 7-10 working days

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£24.99 each
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