Chionodoxa forbesii - Glory of the Snow Bulbs

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun

Chionodoxa bulbs are commonly known as Glory of the snow, Chionodoxa forbesii’s starry flowers and strap-like leaves emerge in early spring. They are perfect for brightening up bare soil in shady borders; blooming well in the dappled shade under shrubs and deciduous trees. Chionodoxa bulbs will also succeed in hot sunny sites such as rockeries, or plant them in containers with other spring bulbs and flowers or for under-planting shrubs or topiary.


Plant the small bulbs in September.  Plant them around three times their depth into well drained soil. On heavy wet soils add grit to prevent the bulbs becoming waterlogged.

In the border Plant Chionodoxa bulbs in broad drifts for the most natural effect. For a truly natural effect just scatter the bulbs and plant them where they land.

In containers Plant bulbs around three times their depth in bulb compost or multipurpose compost, add drainage crocks to the base of the pot to prevent bulbs becoming waterlogged.

After care

Allow bulb leaves to die down naturally to divert goodness back into the bulb ready for next years display. Chionodoxa naturalises well, so leave the spent flowers on the stems if you want them to spread.

How you receive your bulbs

You receive our spring-flowering bulbs in autumn in a plastic mesh. This is to keep the bulbs together in a pack which is nice and airy – perfect to keep the bulbs healthy while in transit. 

Can’t plant straight away?

Keep your bulbs in a cool, light and dry place and preferably hanging on a hook so that air can get to the bulbs at all angles. Look to planting your bulbs within a week of receiving them.


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Catalogue Number 2100-3460
  • Quantity 48x Chionodoxa Bulbs
  • Height 10cm / 4in
  • Size Bulbs Size: 4-5cm
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