Chrysanthemums Duo Pack

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  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun

Get this fantastic and great-value collection of Chrysanthemums Garden Outdoor Blooms and Garden Decorative Sprays Plants for lots and lots of flowers from 10 healthy plants!

Your collection consist of Garden Outdoor Blooms (five plants) as well as Garden Decorative Sprays (five plants) for a total of 10 flowering plants.

Garden Outdoor Blooms- Five plants; one each of the following:

  • Creamist White
  • Hanenburg Red
  • Creamist Gold
  • Tom Pearce Red
  • Regal Mist Purple

Grow them in any border and have lovely large flower-heads. To produce the best and biggest blooms you will need to 'stop' the plants (take out the growing tip) and 'dis-bud' as the stems grow - full details of how to do this will be sent with your plants.
They start blooming in late August/early September

Garden Decorative Sprays- five plants; one each of the following:

  • Bruno Bronze
  • Gompie Pink
  • Payton Blaze Red
  • Payton Lady Purple
  • Pennine Ski White

Chrysanthemums still manage to maintain their popularity near the top of the cut flower charts, second only to the rose perhaps. And it's easy to see why.

They are long lasting, come in a wide range of shapes and colours, and are inexpensive. Growing your own will give you even better value-for-money.

Sprays are not difficult to grow - they don't require dis-budding like the Blooms, you just need to pinch out the top of the central stem. Just a few plants will provide lots of sturdy stems for cutting.

Download a copy of our Chrysanthemums Growing Instructions

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  • Quantity 10 Young Plants

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£14.98 each
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