Cilindro Classic Green - Circular 16inch Planter

£6.99 each

10in (25cm) depth, UV resistant lightweight matt-finished pot lasts the whole summer long, naturally resistant to the sunlight damage, easy-to-clean, shock-resistant and stackable when out of use. Natural-look green.

The perfect planter for your summer bedding or even for a small fruit tree; the planter holds 19 litres of compost which is ample compost to feed and nourish a container of bedding or the roots of an apple or pear tree.

Even in winter you can rely on its resistance to cold temperatures. Not brittle or vulnerable to ice this Cilindro Classic 16in (40cm) circular planter copes with temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F).

So use this planter 12 months of the year, planting with summer and then winter bedding or with a shrub that gives seasonal interest all year round.

Get hold of several planters so you are equipped to plant up lots of container plants for an increased impactful display

16in (40cm) diameter, 10in (25cm) depth, holds 19 litres.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4505
  • Quantity 1x 16inch Basket

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£6.99 each
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