Citrus Compost 10ltr

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Specialist compost formulated for citrus fruit trees. It has added loam to retain nutrients and to encourage healthy root development. Slightly acidic in formulation your citrus trees thrive in this soil for your very own sun-ripened citrus fruit. 

Holds water for longer thanks to its well-graded texture so you need not water so often. This is particularly useful when going away on holiday for a couple of days. 

Use citrus compost when planting up citrus container trees for your patio in summer or for your conservatory. Whether you have oranges, limes, lemons or more exotic varieties like kumquats or tangerines.

Looking after your citrus trees

Start feeding six weeks after re-potting. Citrus trees grow actively all year round, flowering and growing new foliage in summer and in the winter the fruits ripen. As a result they need to be fed throughout the year.

Feed Citrus plants every week with a high nitrogen feed such as Westland Citrus Liquid Concentrate Plant Food as soon as active growth starts in spring through until the end of September.

Feeding encourages bushy growth, and prevents fruit drop and leaf yellowing. In October switch to a balanced plant food that will sustain winter activity and fruit ripening.

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£3.99 each
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