Citrus Compost 8Ltr bag

£6.99 each

  • Perfect for potting on citrus trees 
  • Perfect structure for healthy plant growth 
  • Revive your citrus trees 

Do you want to enjoy sun-ripe citrus fruit that you’ve grown yourself? Lemons, oranges and relatives taste so much better when picked straight off the tree. So have your own citrus tree and plant it in a pot. Fill with the perfect soil for the healthiest of trees. 

Citrus compost is a specialist, slightly acid compost formulated for citrus fruit trees. It has added loam to retain nutrients and encourage healthy root development. With healthy roots your tree will grow a full and flowering canopy of leaves and stems. 

After planting with citrus compost it’s useful to have an 8 litre bag to top up the pot on a yearly basis. You may need to pot on your tree to a larger pot and an 8 litre bag is perfect for adding to the larger pot to revive the roots of your citrus tree. 

8 litres bag

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£6.99 each
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