Citrus Droplet Feeder x3

£4.99 each

Get the nutrients citrus trees need! Simply remove the cap, turn feeder upside down and plunge into the soil of your containerised citrus tree. This liquid feed goes directly to the plant roots where liquid and nutrients are drawn up into the plant.

Squeeze the cap to force a droplet out at the beginning of each month in the summer and let gravity do the rest for you. Droplet feeds for up to 120 days (4 months). Use during the time of the year with the greatest daylight hours.

This great-value three pack means you have feed for multiple summers!

No need to worry about diluting feed into water, just plunge in the droplet feeder specially formulated for citrus trees, from kumquats to lemons and water separately as normal, making sure soil is moist through the summer months.

To ensure success, keep citrus trees in direct sunlight for the longest time possible. Grown in containers you can move citrus trees around to maximise exposure to the sun.


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£4.99 each
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