Clematis New World Collection 1x3 7cm pot

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

We have put together this beautiful collection of Clematis from the New World series and we think that there is nothing better. Although a compact variety this collection will provide you with masses of flowers which is why the clematis is one of the most popular garden plants.

So versatile, it can be grown on walls, pergolas, frames or just left to meander through trees and shrubs depending on space. In this collection you will receive:

  • Clematis Shimmer – This has beautiful, large 7in flowers with petals of a deep lilac-blue with a paler central bar on each. It has a contrasting array of flower colours as it ages and looks particularly stunning if paired with shrubs that have purple or grey foliage as well as pink or red roses.
  • Clematis Reflections – The flowers of this clematis are both single and semi-double in a brilliant lilac-blue that matures to a paler lilac-blue. These pretty flower can be up to 6in in diameter with daintier flowers appearing later in the growing season.
  • Clematis Amethyst Beauty – With very deep, velvet purple, 6in flowers this clematis will look marvellous with cream, yellow or pink-flowered roses or grey foliage plants. The blooms will change colour to a purple blue throughout its growth and flowers all the way up the stems.

The best time to plant your Clematis New World collection would be the autumn before it gets too cold in the ground. They are relatively easy to grow and do not mind where they are planted, as long as they have moist but well-drained soil and access to full sunshine. We also recommend protecting the roots from the heat of the summer by placing stones or small plants around its base.

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Catalogue Number 5140-2048
  • Quantity 3x 7cm potted plants
  • Height 1.8m/71in
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