Clematis Warsaw Nike x1 7cm pot

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  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Hardy Perennial - sow indoors or on a seedbed (April-June); transplant later to flower for many seasons

Clematis ‘Warsaw Nike’ produces big, bold blooms (up to 15cm/6in) in shades of rich purple. This variety really stands out from the crowd and is the perfect addition to train up a fence, trellis, obelisk, pagoda or wall. Together with a long flowering season they area superb addition to any border. The blousy flowers also work well in flower arrangements. Try growing them alongside roses for a lovely display in your garden or if you have a bare patch on your fence or wall then this is the climber for you.  

A late flowering variety which is easy to grow and perfect for a sunny wall or fence. Plant with other complementary climbers, such as Roses, for a classic cottage garden style.    

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Catalogue Number 5140-2044
  • Quantity 1x 7cm Potted Plant
  • Height 3m/10ft


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£9.95 each
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