Cobra Cordless 24v Hedge Trimmer LRH5024V

£115.00 each

  • 1 x 24V lithium ion battery
  • 50cm (19in) double sided blade
  • Two cutting modes: eco and turbo cutting
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft from 200-250cm
  • Articulates through 90⁰

Make easy work of long and tall hedges in your garden or on your plot with the Cobra Hedgetrimmer LRH5024V. This long-reach hedgetrimmer makes cutting hedges a comfortable gardening task. With a telescopic shaft that extends from 200cm to 250cm you can cut hedges of all sizes and with 90⁰ angle articulation, your power tool reaches branches growing at all angles.

Your hedgetrimmer is cordless so you can use it safe in the knowledge you won’t cut through cord.  The double-sided blade with teeth at 15mm spacing cutting is efficient and effective. Choose eco mode or turbo cutting mode to suit the task in hand and the hardness of the wood you are cutting.

We recommend you cut hedges outside the bird-nesting season of March to August to protect vulnerable wildlife. If this is not possible, please check your hedge first for signs of activity.

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Catalogue Number 1090-6036
  • Quantity 1x 24v Hedgetrimmer

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£115.00 each
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