Compact Plug Plant Trainer

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  • Guaranteed for 12 years
  • Reusable and dishwasher-safe for sterilisation
  • Ideal for both greenhouses and windowsills

The Perfect Way to Grow Healthy Young Plants From Seed!

It's So Easy to Propagate Your Seeds:

1 - Fill the 49 plant modules with compost and firm down. Turn the transparent lid upside down and press down on module tray to create seed holes. 

2 - Sow seeds and water as directed on your seed packet instructions.

3 - Partly fill the bottom tray with water and place plant module unit on top. Keep the tray topped up to ensure continuous capillary watering action.

4 - Place transparent cover on top. It can be turned through 90 degrees to expose or close air vents.

5 - At potting on/planting out stage, simply pull out the arms slightly on the module tray and the plants will automatically pop-up. This ensures that you can remove young plants with minimal root disturbance. Note - for effective results ensure the propagator is positioned in full light.

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  • Quantity 1x Propagator Kit

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£17.99 each
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