Country Rattan Hanging Baskets - Pair of 14in Baskets

£9.99 each

Get hold of great-value 2-pack of 14 inch (35cm) diameter hanging baskets; great to put up on either side of your door to contain 2 impactful hanging basket displays, making you smile every time you walk in or out of your home. Less than £5 for each natural-look basket

These 14 inch (35cm) diameter Country Rattan Hanging Baskets are deep and hold up to 7.5 litres each of compost which house around 15 small plugs of colourful flowers or about 5-6 larger root-balls of established flowers like geraniums.

Each basket is pre–lined for easy planting and no-mess so you enjoy the satisfying process of planting, watering and then enjoying your display without the need to clean up. The lining also allows your baskets to hold moisture so there is less need to water so frequently even when your baskets are full of glorious flowers.

The tough and durable rattan means you can depend on it in all weathers, whether through a hot summer of through winter when you can plant them with colourful pansies and cyclamen.

Will hold up to 7.5 Litres of compost (approx)

14in (35cm) diameter

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Catalogue Number 1090-4513
  • Quantity 2x 14inch Hanging Baskets
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