Courgette 'Shooting Star' climbing courgette plant

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  • Good in pots and containers

New to 2016. Perfect for space-saving; a climbing yellow-courgette to plant in sunny borders by the fence or use in containers by a wall. Needs a trellis to scramble through and some tying-in of stems, but for a little work you will get a superb crop of delicious courgettes.

Courgettes are hungry plants so be sure to provide plants with rich loamy compost and / or Organic Extra throughout the growing season. Water well, especially as flowers develop, combining with a high-potash feed to encourage healthy and prolific flower and fruit development.

Climbing plants are excellent ornamental plants too. In a sunny position they can add a touch of exotica with their large leaves and long fruit.

They are excellent plants for attracting beneficial pollinators into the garden too.

Flowers can be harvested and added to salads, or battered as tempura.

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Catalogue Number 1080-5766
  • Quantity 3 Plants
  • Height 1.2m (48in)

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£5.99 each
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