Crocodile Head Pond Protector

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  • Includes anti-drift anchor
  • Menacing, reflective eyes
  • UV light resistant 

A fun yet effective deterrent to cats and herons. This crocodile head with reflective eyes simply floats atop your pond and moves with the breeze. The animated head with sun-catching eyes works to keep cats on guard as the head looks menacingly around. With anti-drift anchor you have the option to keep it at arms reach.

Not just deterring cats it’s a great heron scarer too, keeping these birds with voracious appetites away and your prize fish and other pond-life safe.

Made from waterproof plastic your crocodile head is long-lasting and low-maintenance. We recommend you clean the head periodically.

Dimensions: L37cm (14 ½ in) x W19cm (7 ½ in)

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Catalogue Number 1090-2262
  • Quantity 1x Floating Crocodile Head
  • Size L:37cm x W:19cm

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