Currant Bush Collection


£19.97 each

  • The best of colourful and free-fruiting currants
  • Wonderful straight from the bush or in recipes
  • Bigger harvests year after year

Take advantage of this great-value collection of the best of soft-fruit.

This Currant Bush Collection is ideal for container-growing (we suggest a 40cm (16in) pot for each plant) or growing on your allotment patch so you can harvest your own home-grown flavoursome currants ripened from the sun. 

Ebony - Deep-flavoured blackcurrants, palatable  enough to each straight from the bush or save for summer puddings. Easy picking & easy eating.

Blanka - Heavy cropping with transparent, ivory-coloured berries. Perfect for enjoying with sparkling wine.

Rovada - A prolific crop giving you multiple punnets of redcurrants every year.

Ideal as essential ingredients for pies, jams, jellies and even wine-making.

Simply plant bushes approximately 1.2m (4ft) apart if you decide togrow directly in the ground. Every plant produces a decent crop from the second year and will continue for at least 10 years.

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Catalogue Number 1060-5554
  • Quantity 3x Currant Bushes, 1x of Each Variety

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£19.97 each
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