Dahlia Dinner Plate Collection-Tubers

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  • Varieties suitables for cutting

Huge blooms. Size matters! And with this collection of decorative dahlias with their dinner plate sized blooms on tall stems it's easy to see why. A collection to impress; whether you want the blooms for spectacular cut flowers or simply to add a wow to the border.

Our collection includes 1 each of the following:

Dahlia Hart's Dr McMurray

Bright flower heads, the Hart’s Dr McMurray makes a wonderful cut flowers but make sure you only cut it once it has fully bloomed. They can be planted in both pots and containers to create stunning patio displays or in the ground to add a vertical bursts of colour, whatever suits your garden best.

Dahlia Cafe au Lait

A radiant variety with large flowers, up to 25cm across, in colours of gorgeous peachy cream shades. They create spectacular displays in the border and work especially well as a cut flower. 

Kelvin Floodlight

Fully double, primrose yellow flower heads, no other bloom can beat it. Named after the British Scientist Lord Kelvin, this vigorous and decorative Dahlia will flower all summer as the more you cut the more will grow.

Planting Instructions

Plant the tubers at least 20cm/8in deep and 75cm/30in apart when there is no risk of frost and the soil has warmed up. When stems are around 30cms/1ft tall start staking them. Dahlias will grow in almost any location, and on most soils but they relish good, loamy, well-drained soil and lots of sunshine.

After Care

Deadhead spent flowers regularly to keep dahlias in bloom until the frosts. Lift after the frost has touched the plants and store the tubers in a cool, dark and frost free place over winter.

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Catalogue Number 5100-8076
  • Quantity 3x Dahlia Tubers
  • Height Height up to 150cm/5ft.
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