Dahlia Hart's Dr McMurray - Tuber

£4.49 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Giant, gorgeous orange blooms
  • Award winning variety of Dahlia
  • Stunning as a cut flower

Dahlia Hart’s Dr Murray is a new dinner plate variety that has been brought in by our Flower Buyer Nikki. She advises they are a great way to add some height to your garden flower displays and are architecturally aesthetic. This particular award winning variety is a beautiful glowing bronzy orange, whose tips become lighter towards the edges.

With its bright flower heads, the Hart’s Dr McMurray makes a wonderful cut flowers but make sure you only cut it once it has fully bloomed. They can be planted in both pots and containers to create stunning patio displays or in the ground to add a vertical bursts of colour, whatever suits your garden best.

When planting your Dahlia make sure they are in light and well-drained soil. They also like the sunshine so full or partial sun will give you the best results. They are easy to grow and require little maintenance so you will not be disappointed with these delightful dinner plate Dahlias.

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Catalogue Number 5100-9045
  • Quantity 1x Dahlia Tuber
  • Height 1m / 40in

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Despatched from Early March

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£4.49 each
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