Dahlia Mystery Day - Tuber

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun

Large, striking double crimson-purple flowers with white-tipped petals are carried on strong upright stems.

Plants are very showy when in bloom and incredibly easy to grow, they flower abundantly and look incredible in a vase.

Dahlias will grow almost in any location, in any soil but they relish good, loamy, well-drained soil and lots of sunshine. Plant the tubers when there is no risk of frost and the soil has warmed up. When they are one foot tall start staking them. Lift after the frost has touched the plants and store the tubers in a cool, dark and frost free place over winter.

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Catalogue Number 5100-8005
  • Quantity 1 Dahlia Tuber
  • Height 75-100cm/30-40in


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£3.95 each
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