Dahlia Red Runner - Tuber

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Long flowering season
  • Look great in vases and containers
  • Rich, resplendent red blooms

Enjoy the rich red-wine colours of dahlia Red Runner flowers in your outdoor space. They reveal flowers with neatly-placed petals starting from July and lasting to the first frosts in autumn or winter. The reds look great in summer partnered with tropical-looking flowers like cannas and leaves from banana plants.

Plant dahlia Red Runner as an impactful flower in the middle of your flower bed. Reaching a height of 90cm (3ft) it is the perfect summer bulb variety to complement flowers at a similar height like rudbeckias, heleniums and Verbena bonariensis.

Alternatively plant your tuber in the centre of a container; Dahlia Red Runner becomes an effective focal plant surrounded by shorter grasses and bedding flowers including cirsiums and petunias.

Useful Tip:

When you receive your bulb-like tuber, plant straight away in a pot filled with a specially-formulated bulb compost like Dalefoot Wool Compost for Bulbs. If you plan to plant in a bed, just add a spadeful or two per square metre of the Wool Compost into the top layer of the existing soil.

If you can’t plant the tuber straight away leave it somewhere cool, dark and airy like an unheated shed. Look to planting your bulb within five to seven days.

If you fancy bringing some outdoors in, cut the stems off some of your plants for vase displays in your home. Use a good sharp pair of secateurs and enjoy a little floristry without breaking the bank.

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Catalogue Number 5100-8094
  • Quantity 1x Dahlia Tuber
  • Height Up To: 90cm (36in)

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£4.49 each
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