Daily Goodness Bundle

£18.99 each

  • 2.75kg seal-tight box of around 50 quality energy nuggets for garden birds
  • Loved by most popular garden birds
  • With feeder made from strong stainless steel construction
  • Squirrel resistant
  • Clip-release base for convenient cleaning
  • Designed for optimum feeding
  • H30cm feeder

Get the complete Peckish Daily Goodness Bundle for the UK’s top garden birds. You save £1.99 when you buy the food and feeder together. You also get to start feeding the birds right away; just set up the feeder and food and watch birds flock.

You receive a 2.75kg keep-fresh, air-tight box of Peckish Daily Goodness Nuggets, made with suet, peanuts and mealworms, ideal for the small beaks of birds like robins and blue tits. These nuggets are high in protein with 30% oil content which promotes healthy feather development.

With added Calvita Vitamin mix, these Peckish Daily Goodness Nuggets have high vitamin A,C, E and biotin levels, so good for bone and feather health and a healthy metabolism.

You also get a Daily Goodness Nugget Feeder, strong and weatherproof, made of stainless steel and designed for many birds to perch and feed at any one time. With clip-release base you can clean your feeder periodically keeping it hygienic and your garden birds healthy and happy.

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Catalogue Number 80605541
  • Quantity 1x 2.75kg Pack of Nuggets & 1x Feeder


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£18.99 each
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