Daphne mezereum-Mezereon-Shrubs

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  • Hardy Perennial - sow indoors or on a seedbed (April-June); transplant later to flower for many seasons
  • Attracts Bees

Scented flowers to lift the dullest days.

Scented cerise flowers smother Daphne mezereum's bare stems in late winter followed by fresh green foliage and scarlet summer berries. Add Instant Impact with these Autumn and Winter Interest shrubs (Daphne mezereum is often commonly known as  mezereon).

Our shrubs are supplied as well established potted plants.

Plant into well cultivated, weed free soil. Dig a hole large enough to take the plant's roots. Gently knock the shrub out of its pot (keeping the soil around the roots intact) and  plant so the stem is at the same level in the ground as it was in the pot. Fill around with soil and firm in gently. Water  to settle the soil around the plant. 

Potted shrubs can be planted at any time as long as soil is workable.

no special pruning is required. 

Flowers: February-April

Period of interest: All year-winter flowers-Summer berries

Height: 120cm/4ft.

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Catalogue Number 5140-5037
  • Quantity 1x 2L Potted Plant
  • Height Height 120cm /4ft
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