Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator

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Light the wick and allow the fumigator to do its work. Kills the greenhouse pests that wreak havoc to your indoor tomato and cucumber crops as well as ornamental half-hardy and tender flowers.  Treats a greenhouse with a 6 ½ x 10 ft (2m x 3m) area.

You need not remove your plants when lighting the wick of this effective fumigator and no smell nor residue is evident after use.

Use in spring to eradicate the first generation of aphids that appear. Other greenhouse pests that it targets include thrips and red spider mites, saving your young vegetable plants before they go outside for planting. Keep using throughout the summer season if you notice further infestations.

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Catalogue Number 1090-9205
  • Quantity 1x Smoke Fumigator

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£8.49 each
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