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December 2017 Newsletter

That time has come around already. Where does the time go? Will you be thinking about gifts for loved ones – or treating yourself to a purchase or two? Either way Unwins has a great range of gift ideas, vouchers and garden gadgets perfect for Christmas stockings.

If it’s mild and dry outside, take advantage of the fair weather and potter around the garden. Even in December there are one or two jobs to do to keep the garden ticking over. See our ‘Jobs to do’ section below.

Enjoy reading the newsletter and the Unwins team all wish you a Happy Christmas.

Jobs to in December...

Deadhead winter bedding

Make your scented and mood-lifting winter flowers like violas last so much longer by de-heading individual withered flowers. Take these off and more flowers will replace them making your winter displays last for weeks longer than if you leave the dead flowers to turn to seedheads.



Check soil moisture in pots

Touch the soil surface and check to see if it’s dry or moist. Even if it’s a wet winter it’s worth checking to see if your pots need watering as the rain doesn’t always get to the roots where the water is needed. Water the soil surface only, avoiding getting water on the leaves.



Clear remaining leaves off lawns and ponds

Grab a net and clear any floating leaves off the surface of the pond. Leaving leaves on the pond surface will degrade the quality of your pond water; the leaves rot and add high-levels of nitrates that affect the health of your fish. Keep on top of a clear pond and enjoy the rewards in spring.



Harvest winter salads like rocket

Keep your kitchen well-stocked with nutritious salad like rocket. The vitamins within the leaves improve physical health and wellbeing; vital as the days get darker and sunlight is at a low. Growing winter salads in Veg Trugs means you can have a constant supply of greens through the winter.



Prune apple and pear trees

December is a great time to check the growing habit of your garden apple and pear trees. Get a pruning saw and secateurs and take out branches that cross other branches, are damaged or dead. Treat pruning cuts with a timely Winter Wash and Prune & Seal so your trees quickly recover.




Add roses to your garden and turn it into a garden that would not look out of place in the grounds of a royal palace or featuring at a prestigious garden show. We send you bare-rooted plants now as they are perfect to plant in winter while the stems are dormant but the roots are fully active. Once spring arrives your rose plants put up healthy flowering stems ready to transform your garden.

We recommend hybrid tea roses like Fragrant Cloud for big blooms that last weeks, floribundas like Margaret Merril for lots of rose clusters or climbing roses like Compassion to transform your garden wall.

Unwins recommended Rose varieties;

Rose Fragrant Cloud

Rose Margaret Merril

Rose Compassion

Pest of the Month

Vine Weevil Larvae

These pests munch their way through the roots of your winter bedding; they basically eat through the very foundations that keep your colourful flowers like violas and pansies upright. So if your flowers suddenly collapse; vine weevil larvae are most likely the culprits at this time of year.

Treat your containers to a solution of Nemasys Vine Weevil Control. Includes natural nematodes that hunt out vine weevil larvae to feed on saving your winter bedding and keeping your garden full of flowers in winter.



Unwins Gift Vouchers

December is the time to think Christmas presents – so why not treat yourself to a well-deserved gift.

Unwins has a great range of gift ideas including flowers and trees, handy garden tools that make great stocking fillers and even vouchers for if you want to give a loved one the gift of choice. View our range of Christmas Gifts here...

Once again, we wish you a Happy Christmas.


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