Desiree Seed Potatoes 1kg

£4.49 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Great for the kitchen-savvy
  • Blemish-free tubers
  • Withstands droughts

Much-loved by green-fingered growers and kitchen-savvy cooks Desiree is known for melt-in-the-mouth, red potatoes with attractive yellow flesh; it makes great mash potatoes and the red skins crisp up beautifully when you prepare wedges and satisfying baked potatoes.

In fact Desiree is so versatile in the kitchen, except for steaming, it lends itself to all preparations- roasting, chipping, baking to name a few. TV cook Delia Smith praises Desiree on its favourable attributes.

Store Desiree in a cool, dry location after harvesting in autumn so you have a bank of healthy spuds you can fall back on over winter. That’s one thing off the shopping list too saving your back and your purse.

Expect big crops of quality red potatoes even in a particularly dry year, peace of mind when we have to put up with unpredictable summers in the UK. Showing resistance to powdery scab Desiree is more likely to give you blemish-free potatoes which look good and taste good.

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Catalogue Number 1050-6771
  • Quantity 1kg Pack (12-15 Tubers)

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£4.49 each

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