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Eco-Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus FAQ's

What does EcoSure Pond Clear do?

EcoSure removes the nitrate arising from the biological filter. Nitrate is formed from the conversion of nitrite that in turn has been oxidised from ammonia. Nitrate can be reduced to zero within a few days and kept at zero by the action of the microbes in EcoSure. Phosphate is also reduced but usually much more slowly. When the nitrate level in the pond water is zero or very, very low there is no food available for the algae – either blanket weed or algae bloom. 

What is Green Algae – what does it use as food?

Floating green scum, suspended particles, blanket weed and silkweed are the most common types of green algae in the UK. Green algae comes in a number of forms but all have the ability to harm aquatic life. Green algae requires nitrates to grow, if you have a lot of green algae you have a lot of nitrates in your water. 

What causes nitrates in my pond?

Nitrates can be created by many different processes. Ponds that are in a sunny area with little shade are susceptible to nitrate build up.

Nitrates also increase when there are too many nutrients in the water. Leaving too much organic matter at a ponds base will create nutrients. If fertilisers can run off into a pond it will increase nutrient levels; as will over feeding fish with both the un-eaten food and additional fish faeces being converted into nitrates.

Ammonia which is naturally excreted through fish gills and faeces is also converted into nitrates by bacteria that use the ammonia as a food source. 

What are the benefits of using EcoSure Pond Clear in ponds?

Eco-Sure Pond Clear gives three benefits to the pond keeper. It removes nitrate and reduces phosphate that feed algae in pond water. As a result, blanket weed (string algae) and algae bloom (green water) die of starvation. Secondly, it digests waste organic matter in the pond. Thirdly, EcoSure Pond Clear will improve the health, growth and disease resistance of fish. 

Is EcoSure Pond Clear temperature dependent?

Yes, EcoSure works best in water temperatures above about 10°C (50°F). However, it will work in lower temperatures but more sluggishly. 

Is EcoSure Pond Clear safe for fish and other wildlife? What about plants?

Yes, EcoSure Pond Clear is safe for fish. There is also no problem for other wildlife, eg newts and frogs. Additionally, EcoSure Pond Clear does no harm to plants. 

However, because EcoSure Pond Clear reduces nitrate levels in the water, plants may grow less strongly. For example, leaves of, say, water lilies grow less vigorously but the bonus is that they should flower better. 

Should the blanket weed be removed before applying EcoSure Pond Clear?

We would advise that as much of the blanket weed as possible should be wound out before the EcoSure Pond Clear is applied. This will reduce the need to clean up weed debris after it has died. It will also keep better control over rising pH levels. 

What happens as the EcoSure Pond Clear starts to work?

The colour of the blanket weed starts to change from green towards brown. It also becomes brittle and pieces break off. Some people have reported that pH levels in the pond water increase as the blanket weed dies. 

How frequently should EcoSure Pond Clear be used and how long does it last in the pond?

Many of our customers make one application and then see no more blanket weed for over one full year. Others keep blanket weed at bay for a few months with one application. However, a minority of pond keepers need more than one dose to suppress blanket weed. Remember every pond is different. 

How do you use EcoSure Pond Clear?

Dip a watering can or small bucket into the pond and take about 3-5 litres of water. Put the powder into the watering can and give the water a good stir. Leave in a sunny position where the water will warm up and start activating the bacteria.

Leave for 2-4 hours and give the water a thorough stir every hour or so. At the end of the 2-4 hours pour the water and the now active bacteria into the pond.

How long before you can expect to see results depends on your pond. The three key issues that determine the speed of the clean-up are 1) how much oxygen is in your water (bacteria need oxygen), 2) how warm the water is (bacteria multiply faster in warm water) and 3) how dirty your pond was to begin with.  A fairly clean pond with good oxygen supply should see changes in as little as 3-4 days whereas a dirty, neglected pond with no additional oxygen being added to the water from either a pump or a fountain will not see any meaningful results for possibly 3 to 6 weeks. After 4-6 weeks, repeat the process above if the green water persists.

Any pond with fish should have either an oxygen pump, a fountain or a range of aquatic plants as all of the above helps oxygenate the water.

EcoSure like most algae clearing products use friendly bacteria. Bacteria will use oxygen in the water as a natural part of the process of clearing algae. 

EcoSure can reduce oxygen levels for your fish when;

  • You have poor water movement i.e. no pump or fountain adding oxygen to your pond.
  • You add the bacteria on a very hot day (warm water holds less oxygen than cold water).
  • You add too many bacteria to a small pond.

A simple solution, if you are worried about oxygen levels because you don’t have a fountain or a pump is to just add half the recommended measure of EcoSure Pond Clear, then watch your fish over 2-3 days. If they don’t come to the surface to breathe you have not affected the oxygen levels of the water and can add the rest of the dose. This will slow down the speed at which EcoSure works, but only by about one week.

To view our info-graphic on how to use EcoSure Aqua Plus, click here.


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