EcoSure Large Pond Clear Twin Pack


£32.98 each

In this incredible deal you will receive 2 packs of EcoSure Large Pond Clear that treats 40,000 litres of water each. Also included with each pack will be 2 free nitrate testing strips & a comparison chart worth £3.95, saving overall over £8. 

Buy this large pack offer if your pond is roughly 5m by 4m by 2m deep (16ft by 13ft by 6ft deep), or has approx. 40,000 litres (8800 gallons) of water within it. 

Easily remove green algae from your pond with no mess, no measuring and no nasty chemicals. Pond Clear attacks the nitrates and phosphates, so blanket weed, algae bloom & green water is reduced. Safe for fish, wildlife, pets and children, with results seen within 3-4 weeks. 

Please note: The ideal water temperature for EcoSure Pond Clear to work is between 10 & 13°C. In colder temperatures it will continue to work although it may take longer before you see a notable difference. EcoSure Pond Clear needs oxygen to work, so we advise to have adequate water movement from a pump or fountain whilst using the product. This way the product works to its fullest and your fish are not deprived.

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Catalogue Number 1090-2218
  • Quantity 2x 20g packs

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£32.98 each
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