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EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii offers a simpler approach to pond cleaning to guarantee that your pond water is clearer for longer. Working in water temperatures as low as 4°C means that you can start work on clearing your pond much earlier or later in the season and it will still work. 

Tackle the cause of unwanted matter such as blanket weed, algae bloom and that dreaded green water, and enjoy a much cleaner and clearer pond for longer without harming your fish, pets or wildlife.

The double-strength formula in the fully dissolvable tablets contain specially selected strains of bacteria which have been chosen for their ability to effectively breakdown the organic waste in ponds. It also targets nitrates and phosphates as well as breaking down the sticky and hard-to-remove sludge which has a tendency to build up on the side and along the bottom of your pond.

For initial use, you should apply a double or triple dose and, with our introductory special offer of BUY 2 PACKS AND SAVE £4.99, your pond could look crystal-clear in as little as two weeks, however if your pond has heavy algae blooms then it will take around four-to-six weeks for it to take effect and may require additional doses. 

Two packs of 4 tablets will treat a pond roughly 5m by 4m by 2m deep (16ft by 13ft by 6ft deep), or a pond size of approx. 40,000 litres (8800 gallons) of water within it. 

Please note: EcoSure Pond Clear needs oxygen to work, so we advise to have adequate water movement from a pump or fountain whilst using the product. This way the product works to its fullest and your fish are not deprived.

For tips on How to Use, please CLICK HERE to download our PDF.

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