Empathy AfterPlant Rose Food with Rootgrow 1kg

£6.99 each

Contains Rootgrow Mycorrhizal fungi to increase nutrient and water uptake. The fungi naturally works with your roots for optimum nutrient uptake. More water and nutrients means more flowering stems for an up-lifting show of flowers every year.

Contains beneficial nitrogen-fixing bacteria and added magnesium. The bacteria makes nitrogen in the air available in a form your roses can take up for healthy green leaves which support strong flowering stems.

The Rose Food with Rootgrow formula maximises plant establishment and natural vigour, so you get beautiful roses in your garden to match the beautiful roses you see in the glossy home and garden magazines.

Biologically-active, this is a great natural method for promoting strong healthy rose plants full of flower every year to keep you pleased as punch with your glorious garden.

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£6.99 each
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