Empathy Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser 1L

£7.99 each

Organic Seaweed Stimulant suitable for improving the growth of all your flowers, fruit and vegetables. The seaweed formula has natural growth factors auxins and cytokinins within that stimulates plant growth for beautiful blooms and the healthiest of produce.

Specially-formulated, this seaweed fertiliser maximises your yields. Seaweed’s high-nitrogen content is a welcome treat for your vegetables that respond favourably, producing strong stems and leaves.

So simple to add to water, Seaweed Fertiliser is soluble and easy to add to your plants with your regular watering.  

Contents: 1 litre bottle - sufficient for 50 litres which equates to 8-10 watering cans.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4628
  • Quantity 1x 1L Bottle (Makes 50 Litres)
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