Empathy Tomato Starter 100g

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Use Empathy Tomato Starter when planting your trust-worthy tomato plants in grow bags, pots or beds to offer your plants a great head-start and maximise your harvests when your tomatoes are beautifully sun-ripened.

  • Develops improved root network for optimum nutrient uptake
  • Encourages resistance to drought
  • Single application lasts for the whole season for your productive tomato plants

Easy-use Empathy Tomato Starter biscuits are really effective to get your tomato, salad and all your vegetable plants off to a flying start.

Each biscuit has bioadditives and slow-release fertilisers to help protect and nourish your young plants during their first few weeks when they are vulnerable to environmental conditions.

Empathy Tomato Starter contains Rootgrow™ with specialist fungi that naturally bonds to the roots of plants, effectively becoming part of the root system. Roots then prosper and grow really fast to seek out nutrients and water.

The fungi tracks down phosphorus and potassium and trace elements fast for great flowering and fruiting. Plus they hold onto water like an absorbent sponge, making your tomatoes and vegetable plants super drought tolerant.

Each Rootgrow biscuit also contains fertilisers to give plants a steady nutrient release for up to four months, and water gel crystals for extra protection against drying out.

Contains: 6 biscuits

How do I use Empathy Tomato Starter?

Simply press 1 biscuit just under the soil surface of your basket or pot.

How many biscuits should I use? 

Use 1 biscuit per 5 litres: so a 10 litre pot requires two biscuits

Use 2 biscuits in a 12in (30cm) hanging basket

Use 1 biscuit per tomato plant when growing in a growbag or bed.

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  • Quantity 1x 100g Pack, 6x 16g Biscuits

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£3.99 each
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