Endive Jolie- Seeds

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For an all round, reliable and classic curly endive, chose Jolie. It is slow to bolt and performs well all season, so it’s a great choice for gardeners. Easy to grow, with strong compact plants that are easy to blanch and are resistant to tip burn too, curly crispy and tasty!

Sowing time:

Indoors: March- May

Outdoors: May- July

Sowing indoors: Almost fill a seed tray with moist seed compost. Sow seeds thinly over the surface and lightly cover them with a little more compost. Alternatively. Sow individually in module trays. Place in the warmth 10-15 Deg- C (50-60 Deg-F) and keep moist. When large enough to handle, transplant seedlings 5cm (2in) apart to trays of potting compost. Gradually accustom them the conditions outside for 2-3 weeks before planting out to their cropping positions 30cm (12in) apart. Sowing outdoors: Sow seeds thinly in a pre watered shallow row, lightly covering with a little soil. Keep moist as dry conditions impair germination.

Thinning: Thin seedlings to about 30cm (12in) apart when large enough to handle. Ensure remaining seedlings are still firm in the soil.

Aftercare: Water plants generously in dry weather. Harvest: July –October

Special Note: For blanching; approx 12 weeks after sowing. Ensure leaves are dry, loosely tie leaves and cover plant with flower pot, blocking holes to exclude light. Plants will be ready in 3-5 weeks. This seed has been pelleted for ease of sowing.

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Catalogue Number 3031-0349
  • Row Spacing 30cm (12in)
  • Sowing distance 30cm (12in)
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