Eschallote Roderigue x25

£7.49 each

  • Unbeatable home-grown flavour
  • Up to 100 potential eschallotes – onions but with a mild bite
  • Particularly good sautéed

Slim red shallot with attractive red skin colour and good storage abilities. It has a satisfying mild flavour and is ideal for slicing into rings for sauteeing.

You’re choice of bulb size. Provide wider spacings for young plants if you want bulbs that are larger (as pictured) but smaller spacing for smaller bulbs. These plants respond well to closer planting giving you small bulbs – but lots more.

We recommend you plant in a good airy soil that is not compact so the bulbs grow well and unimpeded by heavy soil. If your soil is a little compacted try adding some Westland Jack’s Magic which opens up the soil adding more air spaces.

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Catalogue Number 1080-5758
  • Quantity 25x Multi Sown Modules

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Despatched from Early April

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£7.49 each
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