Essential Mix Sample Five Pack

£1.99 each

  • Five great-value sample packs of Essential Mix garden bird food
  • Attract garden bird favourites like blue tits and robins
  • Perfect stocking-filler gifts
  • Great for trying out a new feeder
  • Great for novice bird-watchers
  • 12 quality ingredients in every pack
  • Suitable for year-round feeding

Get hold of this sample bags of Essential Mix bird food at fantastic value and perfect for giving a new bird feeder a try without committing to a bigger purchase.

The sample bag contains Essential Mix bird-food which comprises 12 ingredients: high energy seeds and oyster grit for healthy beaks and digestion. Ideal for novice bird feeders to see which birds flock to the garden. Essential Mix is fortified with additional vitamins and calcium; perfect for healthy beaks and feathers.

Garden birds will happily help you in the garden by keeping down garden pest numbers. Just give them a helping hand with Essential Mix for when food supplies in nature are low.

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Catalogue Number 80100200
  • Quantity 5x 200g packets of essential mix

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£1.99 each
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