Essential Wild Bird Food Seed Mix 12.5kg

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Get Essential Wild Bird Food Mix if you particularly enjoy watching birds develop from young birds to breeding adults. Essential Mix is full of seeds, specially catered for fledglings and young beaks. Watch young fledglings get all the energy they need and a balanced diet in one easy mix.

Watch blue tits and great tits flock to your feeders with Essential Wild Bird Food Mix- just perfect for their small beaks. When temperatures plummet in winter garden birds need to take in energy constantly just to keep warm enough to survive the cold nights and adverse weather.

Incudes fragments of peanuts and sunflower hearts for maximum energy, broken down small enough for small beaks.

We’ve added oyster shell grit too which helps with their digestion so they can feed efficiently and healthily.

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  • Quantity 12.55kg bag of Essential Mix

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£17.99 each
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