Extra Large Seed Feeder

£9.99 each

Get hold of our Extra large seed feeder to feed your colourful garden birds so full of life and character. With a generous volume your Extra large seed feeder holds 60% more seeds and nuts than average-sized feeders.

This means less filling so you can sit back and enjoy watching the birds for longer. With secure screw-on top your bird feeder keeps fully dry and keeps the contents of your feeder fully fresh and healthy for your garden bird population.

With four feeding ports at the base numerous pretty birds can feed at any one time. This means more birds are getting the energy they need to see them through cold nights and adverse weather.

The lid has acts as a roof too to provide some shelter from rain for comfortable feeding.

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Catalogue Number 80505180
  • Quantity 1x Extra Large Feeder
  • Size Height: 21cm, Diameter: 13cm
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