Eye Catcher Fuchsia Collection - Plants

15 Plants for the Price of 10!

£17.98 each

We've picked the best of the best! From tall climbers to spectacularly different trailing and upright fuchsias; each of our Eye Catcher fuchsias will create a shower of fabulous blooms for a truly eye-catching display.

 Collection contains 5 plants, 3 of each variety

  • Twist and Shout
  • Eruption
  • Lady in Black
  • Julie Horton
  • Velvet Crush

Plant fuchsias into good, reliably moist, water-retentive soil; if planting into containers add water retaining gel. Fuchsias prefer a semi-shaded and sheltered position out of strong winds.

After Care

Deadhead spent blooms and feed regularly to keep the display going for as long as possible. Protect plants from winter cold and frost.

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Catalogue Number 5120-3041
  • Quantity 15 Young Plants
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