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February 2018 Newsletter

Top Image February Newsletter 2018

How have you coped with the extremely changeable weather this winter. Mild one week and bitterly-cold the next. Indeed it’s kept us on our toes here; on and off with the protective fleece in the garden is just one of tasks you may have had to keep on top of.

We hope you get your deserved rest before you start to garden again in earnest in March. We recommend you get into the shed, see what tools and gardening equipment you could do with replenishing and replacing. if you are still feeling the financial strains of January take a look at how you can save with economy-friendly plug plantsmoney-saving seeds and canny all-in-one collections like our sweet peas collection.


The Unwins team 

Our Top 4 Tasks for the month


February News Article 2017 11. Just sow stories

February is the month to start your green fingers into action again after the winter. Many seeds will germinate well from sowing indoors. Pick your favourite flowers from our February sowing list and start sowing now for earlier flowers than if you sow later in spring.




February News Article 2017 22. A toast to sowing

Vegetable seeds can also be started in February. Home-grower favourites like broad beans, lettuce and radishes are easy to grow from seed now. Just check the packet to see if they are happy sown straight away outdoors or best started off in a propagator inside.




February News Article 2017 33. Prepare for take-off

Placing supports like bamboo wigwams into borders now for space-saving climbers saves you the job of doing it later in the year when the garden calendar gets busier and busier. Take a look at some inspiring ideas online on quirky supports and the best of vertical gardening.




February News Article 2017 44. Train them young

Get first dibs on exactly the bedding you want for your 2018 garden. Ordering now lets you relax, safe in the knowledge that your favourites will arrive in spring to fill your garden with the colours, scent and textures you are after. Order online or from our colour-illustrated catalogue.




Influential plants for your garden

Influential Plants February 2018Wabi-sabi: The perfection of imperfection

The wabi-sabi movement is all the rage in the gardening world. Championing the acceptance of the imperfect and ever-evolving life wabi-sabi was big at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2017.

Show gardens portrayed wabi-sabi well with the best of laissez-faire planting and you can take this home. Naturalistic planting has rubbed off on gardeners up and down the country.

Here are some flowers to wake your inner wabi-sabi: 

Verbena bonariensisTall stems grow in big numbers, bring in wildlife and give a prairie-like feel. 

Cosmos Sonata MixedAiry-fairy flowers among feathery leaves, effortless and naturalistic. 

Cornflower – A wildflower favourite. Planted in a part of lawn create a mini-meadow.


February Pest/Disease Newsletter 2018Keep an eye out for diseases

February is a big month for sowing seeds indoors to give flowering plants a head-start in their growth. At germination seedlings can get a disease called damping off, a mould which razes healthy seedlings to the base.

It’s heart-breaking seeing this so we at Unwins have tips to prevent this happening to you. When sowing make sure seeds are evenly distributed and there are no clumps of seeds touching each other on the soil surface. Keep seedlings well aired so humidity does not get to high levels. Vermiculite and perlite are good toppings to add to soil surfaces. They keep soil moist and well-aired.

Inciting Facts

Inciting Facts 1 February Newsletter 2018Spring into action

Visit the RHS Early Spring Plant Fair (13-14 February) as part of a nice day out in London. An awesome hall of wonderful flowers fill you with spring optimism and there are plant experts from up and down the country happy to give you gardening and flower advice. A treat for all the senses. 



Inciting Facts 2 February Newsletter 2018Say it with roses

Unwins is happy to be introducing further roses into its range. More than 10 new varieties are available to you to adorn your garden with this much-loved flower favourite. Choose from scented climbers, patio roses or popular hybrid teas for a rose to suit your garden or outdoor space.


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