Fish Net (25cm x 18cm) with 91cm Handle

£12.99 each

  • Sturdy metal handle resistant to bending
  • Net head held in place with metal fixings to prevent bending
  • Suitable for all ponds
  • Perfect for essential pond maintenance and cleaning
  • Use to scoop up fish when cleaning out your pond
  • Fishes out duck weed, blanketweed and other algaes
  • Head 25cm x18cm, handle 91cm

This fish net, perfect for domestic and commercial ponds, is strong, sturdy and an effective part of your pond maintenance kit. Useful for fishing out duckweed, string-forming algae and even litter that has floated out of reach.

With metal handle your net is sturdy enough to fish out heavy algae, leaves that have fallen into your pond particularly in autumn. The generous 25cm x 18cm netting area allows you to fish out large areas at the time, reducing the time it takes to clean ponds.

Great for transferring fish, amphibians or other larger aquatic wildlife into a temporary aquarium while you are giving your pond a good cleaning out.

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Catalogue Number 1090-2294
  • Quantity 1x Fish Net

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£12.99 each
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