FloPro - 15m Soaker Hose

£19.99 each

Efficient and effective irrigation hose for economical and precise bedding, shrub and tree watering. This is the environmental and money-saving way to water with a soaker system that saves over double the water.

Save up to 70% water by eliminating water lost by evaporation- saving you money on your water bills and saving the environment. Water soaks the ground need to your plants so moisture gets mainly to the roots which your plants will use much more effectively than when just sprayed on the leaves.

Soaking near the ground also reduces the risk of leaf burn in full sun which means you can water at midday in time when plants are flagging due to the heat.

Place your hose on the surface of the ground or buried to a depth of 15-20 cm which really gets water to your roots. Has snap-fit and universal fittings.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4191
  • Quantity 1x 15m Hose

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£19.99 each
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