Flopro Elite Rotating Sprinkler

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Pulsed-flow rotating sprinkler, excellent for even the largest outdoor areas and pondsides. Great for providing water to numerous water-plants and marginals over an extended period of time in periods of droughts as well as to lawns and flower beds.

Coverage up to 450sq m (4844 sq ft). Snap-fit to all watering brands and extendible to house more sprinklers.

Features and benefits

  • Water spreads from an angle of 20 degrees right through to 360 degrees to allow coverage over a large area, north, east, south and west.
  • Part of a modular system that can be extended with more sprinklers to allow you greater flexibility when watering.
  • Durable ground spike with stabilising arms for use in greening lawns and watering borders to ensure maximum irrigation in the driest of conditions.
  • Made from metal for improved durability

Sprinkler Specification

  • Diameter: 12m (39ft)
  • Coverage: 450 sq m (4844 sq ft)


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Catalogue Number 1090-4157
  • Quantity 1 rotating sprinkler

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£14.99 each
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