FloPro Plug and Go Watering Pots and Containers Kit

£24.99 each

The perfect watering solution for your outdoor pots and containers.  Waters up to 16 pots and containers. Can also use this to water balcony plants, hanging baskets or just patio pots and containers.

Simple and quick to set up and use, no tools or scissors required.  Simply attach a hose to the kit and water away.  Simply insert the spiked drippers directly into the soil for precise watering which gets right to the roots.

Saves up to 70% in water compared to hand watering

Can be used with a timer so it is the perfect solution to watering your plants when away on holiday.

The special modular design means you can join two kits together to create a larger watering system.

Can also be used for watering from a water butt, minimum height 35cm.

The universal fitting will work with any water timer for fully automatic watering.

Anti-leak, snap fit and compatible with other brands.

Water flow from the drippers is 1.3 litres per hour.

3 year guarantee.

Kit Contents

10m main supply tube (6.5mm), 5.2m at the beginning to give enough length from the tap to first set of drippers

1 x pressure reducer

1 x ¾ male quick connector

1 x dual fit outside tap connector from ¾” to 1/2 “

1 x water stop connector

7 x blue end caps

1 x cross device (splitter)

16 spike drippers (4 sets of 4 spike drippers)

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  • Quantity 1x Pots and Containers Watering Kit

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£24.99 each
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