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Do you throw away inedible fruit and vegetables simply because they’ve gone off more quickly than you can eat them?

Stop wasting good food and save money. Fresh Pod locks in the freshness, taste and texture of your fruit and vegetables for up to 4 times longer by absorbing the naturally produced ethylene gases that accelerate the ripening of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Remove celophane packaging and simply pop the Fresh Pod in the fridge, fruit bowl, bags of home grown produce or other storage areas. It couldn’t be easier!

Benefits of Fresh Pod

  • Prolongs the life of fruit, veg and cut flowers.
  • Approved by trading standards.
  • Each sachet lasts up to 6 months!
  • Fresh Pod is environmentally friendly!
  • kills bacteria, viruses and mould, commonly found in fridges and other storage areas.
  • Independent tests prove Fresh Pod removes 98.9% of the ethylene from an enclosed environment.

Pack contains:

  • 2 reusable plastic pods
  • 2 large Fresh Pod sachets great for fridges and fruit bowls
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£12.99 each
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