Fresh Sphagnum Moss - Large

£7.99 each

Get your hands on Fresh Sphagnum Moss, a fantastic natural medium that has amazing water-holding properties. Great for lining hanging baskets so plant roots can take up water over a longer period at a measured rate.

It’s naturally thick, spongy and lush so easy and pleasant to handle and holds well in baskets. With a generous lining of sphagnum moss, you can rest assured that you won’t lose soil, water or nutrients.

Not only does sphagnum moss retain moisture well, by its nature it’s long lasting, so is great for fitting into baskets at the start of the year and it will see you though the whole of the growing season.

One bag is enough to fill three 35cm /14in baskets.

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  • Quantity 1 bag of Sphagnum Moss - Large

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£7.99 each
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