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Fruit Plant Facts

Soft fruit can be grown by everyone, even those with smaller gardens and there are varieties which are very ornamental as well as productive. They can be grown in a mixed border or in pots on the patio, and love growing against a sunny wall or fence. So, even if you do not have a big garden, you can still grow your own fruit.


We despatch fruit plants at regular intervals from mid October. Important - Before planting bare root plants soak their roots in a bucket of water for 24 hours and keep moist until they re-establish

Succulent, flavoursome Strawberries epitomise the traditional British summer but many of the supermarket varieties don't come close to the flavour, juiciness or fragrance of your own sun-ripened, freshly-picked fruit. Our hand-graded runners will crop prolifically for at least 3 years but, of course, the first year's crop is smaller.

Each plant will give around 1.5 lb of fruit in its second year. Our vigorous runners are lifted from healthy mother beds stocked with high grade parent plants and are certified by Defra. Hand grading before packing ensures that only the best are selected at the correct time to plant. Allow 15-18in between plants.

Our raspberry canes are derived from mother plants raised in the laboratory to guarantee freedom from diseases. Inspected and certified by the Ministry, canes are supplied bare-rooted and ready to plant about 15" apart, with 6' between rows. Canes will remain productive for 8-12 years and will crop for up to six weeks. Typically, for summer fruiting varieties, 12 canes will give up to 50lb of fruit when established. Important - Before planting the canes soak their roots in a bucket of water for 24 hours and keep well watered until they re-establish.

Floricane Raspberries flower and fruit on old wood (wood that developed in the previous growing season) and fruit earlier than Primocane varieties which will flower and produce fruit on new wood (first year canes). Floricane Raspberries offered as ‘Long Cane' are plants that have shown exceptional vigour whilst growing in the nursery beds. When they are lifted they are individually hand selected and graded and are not trimmed back as they would be if they were going to be sold as ‘Regular' canes.

On re-planting, instead of cutting them hard back to about 12-15in/30-40cm, Long Cane Raspberries should be left intact. They will then develop fruit bearing side shoots at the top of each cane which will flower and produce fruit for picking in their first season after planting at the same time as new growth (next year's fruiting wood) is thrown up from the root stock. In effect, what you are achieving is virtual ‘primocane' performance from a ‘floricane' variety in its first season after planting. N.B. In subsequent seasons, it needs treating as a Regular Cane.

Extremely easy to grow, blackberries will clamber over a large trellis, tall fence or north facing wall. Supplied as one-year old plants in 2 litre containers. Plant 8-12ft apart. Typically blackberries will produce 10lbs of fruit per plant per season and will crop for many years. N.B. Even thornless blackberries occasionally produce the odd thorn.

All currants are perfect for pies, jams, jellies and winemaking and serving fresh too. Supplied as a one-year old bare rooted bushes grown from certified stock. Plant approximately 4ft apart. They will start  producing good crops from the second year and will go on for at least 10 years or more.

We supply bare-rooted two-year old gooseberry bushes on a sturdy leg with at least two strong breaks. They will establish well and begin fruiting in the second year producing 5-6lbs per bush and will go on to crop for at least 10 years. Allow for planting 6ft apart with 4ft between the rows.

For the first ‘fruit' of the season, rhubarb can't be beaten. Once established this traditional favourite can be forced as early as late February. We offer good sized hand selected root divisions raised in Yorkshire, the home of rhubarb! Delivery mid November.

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