Fuchsia Lady in Black (Climber)- Plants

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

Dark and Dramatic!

This dramatically dark-flowered fuchsia has a very upright growth habit making it perfect to grow as a climbing plant. The tall stems can be tied in to trellis or supports to keep the plants upright and they look wonderful clothing a trellis or secured to a sheltered wall.

Plant into good, reliably moist, water-retentive soil; if planting into containers add water retaining gel. Fuchsias prefer a semi-shaded and sheltered position out of strong winds.

After Care

Tie in securely to supports. Deadhead spent blooms and feed regularly to keep display going for as long as possible. Protect plants from severe cold but plants are normally hardy enough to cope with winter weather. Mulch the crowns in autumn to protect the base of the plant from severe cold.

Prune out some of the oldest stems in spring to encourage fresh growth

Flowers June-October.

Height up to 150cm/5ft

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Catalogue Number 5120-3037
  • Quantity 5x Young Fuchsia Plants
  • Height 200cm. Spread 90cm
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