Gardening Naturally Whitefly Treatment 500ml

£8.99 each

  • Made from natural organic soaps and seaweed
  • Safe and easy way to control whitefly
  • Use in greenhouse and garden

Stop nasty whitefly from attacking your plants and crops by applying Gardening Naturally Whitefly Treatment.

Supplied as a great-value 500ml container, this pest control is naturally made from seaweed and oily organic soaps and should be sprayed directly onto leaves and whitefly insects.

This Whitefly Treatment only needs to be mixed with water and makes 5litres of spray just from one 500ml container.

Tomato and cucumber plants are especially prone to whitefly and this solution can be applied in both greenhouses and open gardens.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4013
  • Quantity 1x 500ml Bottle

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£8.99 each
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