Gladiolus Michelle

£5.99 each

Produces blooms of fiery colours, suited for planting in a hot borders accompanying dahlias, half-hardy perennials like tall cannas and plants with architectural leaves like castor oil plants.

Our summer bulbs come in easy-to-handle packs so on arrival from March to May they are ready to be planted in containers or in the soil.

Plant like spring bulbs to a depth of three times the height of the bulb and water well.

Our summer bulbs will appreciate a light and well-draining soil and most will appreciate a sunny position unless otherwise stated.

Once they flower you can cut some for vases indoors. Just invest in a pair of secateurs or snips to make clean stem cuts.

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Catalogue Number 5100-9028
  • Quantity 15 Corms
  • Height 60cm (24in)

Delivery: Mid March to Late May

£5.99 each
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