Gooseberry Bush Collection

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Take advantage of this fantastic collection of patio-container gooseberry varieties, in three charming colours and full of fresh taste.

Your Gooseberry Collection consists of three bushes; one bush each of:

  • Hinnonmaki Yellow - sweet and juicy
  • Invicta - tart yet satisfying
  • Hinnonmaki Red - Large refreshing fruit

Every one of your three plants is two-year old bushes with a sturdy leg with at least two strong fruiting stems. This means they are perfectly trained when they get to you, ready for the plants to grow and give you maximum fruit.

We recommend you plant one variety in a 30cm (12in) pot of rich yet free-draining soil- choose John Innes No3. These varieties grow happily in sun or shade. Just cut back the stems in winter that are crossing, growing inwards or spindly-looking.

Gooseberry Xenia is protected by Plant Variety Rights and cannot be propagated even for own use and resold without licence.

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Catalogue Number 1060-5548
  • Quantity 3x Gooseberry Bushes, 1x of Each Variety

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£21.97 each
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