Great Little Weeder

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  • Perfect for weeding between vegetables or fragile plants
  • Comfortable and effective
  • Hand-welded blade on strong wood

Introducing 'The Great Little Weeding Hoe'. With a stainless-steel strong riveted blade, hand welded onto a comfortable bamboo-wood handle, this invaluable tool is strong, comfortable to use and in short, nifty.

This useful hoe will get between those rows on the vegetable patch that a larger-blade standard hoe can’t reach. Plus there is no squatting down and at 4.3ft/132cm long you can get to the roots of weeds with this great tool while standing up.

A sharp, carbon steel 2in/5cm wide blade will work just as hard as its bigger cousins, but because the blade is narrower is less like to cause root damage to the crops you want, getting rid of just those pesky weeds.

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Catalogue Number 1090-3559
  • Quantity 1x Little Weeder

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